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Cask Report 2017-18

The Cask Report 2017/18

Drinking real ale is good for the economy: it’s official Trips to coffee shop or restaurant chains are one thing. But visits to the pub for a glass of real ale with its British ingredients are quite another in terms of helping boost the local and national economy. Every pint ordered gives a lift to the nation’s booming brewing industry, and helps to create jobs and keep local pubs open. So says the newly published Cask Report. It shows that each job in brewing generates 18 jobs in pubs, one in agriculture, one in the supply chain and one in shops. At [...]

Growth of real ale

Real Ale Drinkers a ‘Lifeline’ to Britain’s Pubs

2015 Cask Report Reveals Growth of Real Ale – and Extent of its Importance to Pubs The newly published 2015 Cask Report shows that amid Britain’s booming interest in food and drink, sales of real ale, with its ‘natural’ credentials, are growing. The research also shows that cask drinkers are more valuable to pubs than any other drinkers. The Report, by renowned beer writer and industry commentator Pete Brown says that cask ale drinkers visit the pub twice as often as the average pub-goer. Their annual spend on food and drink in pubs amounts to £967. This is:- almost double [...]

‘From zero to hero’ new report confirms cask ale’s renaissance

400,000 new drinkers in 2008 Volume growth in a declining overall beer market Distribution in 3,000 new pubs last year More breweries trading than at any time in the past 60 years That these statistics can be used to describe cask ale will come as a surprise to anyone who witnessed the category’s near-demise around five years ago and confirm its journey from ‘zero to hero’, as published today in The Cask Report – Britain’s National Drink. Pete Brown, the report’s author, said, “Turnaround stories don’t get much better than cask beer’s. In a shrinking on-trade beer market, cask is the only category to [...]