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America Brewers Assoc

American Craft Beer Exports Continue to Grow in UK

American Craft Beer Exports Exceed All-Time Global High with $121 Million The Brewers Association (BA) – the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent American craft brewers – today reported export data for the American craft beer industry in 2016. Supported by the BA’s Export Development Program (EDP), craft beer export volume increased by 4.4 percent in 2016, now totalling 465,617 barrels and worth $121.4 million. Growth was seen across the world, most notably in the Asia-Pacific region (not including Japan) which grew 12.9 percent. Japan, alone, increased by an astounding 22.6 percent. In the UK, American craft beer exports grew by [...]

Moor Beer in cans

Moor Beer invests in top of the range canning line

Moor Beer to launch its beer in cans at London ‘candemonium’ event, 5th September A canning line costing more than an average house is behind the launch of the latest brewery to put their beer in cans. Justin Hawke, founder and head brewer of cult brewery Moor Beer, wanted to add cans to his beer-packaging options but felt ‘cheap and cheerful’ canning just wasn’t right. Instead, after months of research and development, the brewery bought a state of the art canning line from German manufacturers Leibinger, Hantelmann and Lubeca. It includes a revolutionary new approach to ‘can de-palletising’ (removing cans from a [...]

birmingham beer bash

Birmingham Beer Bash 2014

Thankfully, these days there are alternatives to those beer festivals in large sports halls, with warm cask beer served to you by a jolly chap in beard and sandals…. Think Craft Beer Rising in London & Glasgow, Independent Manchester Beer Convention, Leeds International Beer Festival and you are excited by interesting beers served by interesting people in interesting surroundings… Well you can certainly add The Birmingham Beer Bash to this growing list. Based in The Bond Company, a unique group of Victorian buildings fronting onto the Grand Union Canal in Digbeth, this was the second year of The Birmingham Beer Bash [...]