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Binge drink your way to a bigger beer belly

Drinking a bottle of wine or five pints of beer in an evening instead of over the course of a week gives you a big waist, British researchers say. They found the pattern of drinking rather than the total amount of alcohol consumed has a greater effect on waist size. Men who binged had a waist size 2.3 inches (6cm) bigger than men who drank the same overall amount of alcohol but spread it out across the week, the study found. The findings are significant because abdominal fat has been shown to be more dangerous for the heart than fat carried [...]

Free pints to tackle binge drinking among young adults

Alcohol charity Drinkaware is today (1st September) unveiling a £100 million campaign to encourage 18-24 year olds to evaluate their drinking habits and in the long term, change the social acceptability of drunkenness. In a new approach to tackling alcohol misuse, pubs, bars, phoneboxes, supermarkets and off licences around the country will carry campaign posters, drink mats, stickers and shelf strips presenting tips for smarter drinking. The campaign’s ‘Why let good times go bad?’ logo and strapline will also be featured on 13 million products including neck labels on bottles, cans and multi-packs. Free pints of water from pubs, bars [...]