Brewtown Tours

Brewtown Tours

Brewtown Brewery Tours 2017 launch A lot of nice invites land in my inbox and the one from Mark at Brewtown was no exception. ‘I’m getting in touch to tell you about the 2017 launch of Brewtown Brewery Tours, and invite you to enjoy a sample tour with us.’ He continued ‘Brewtown, which launched in York and Leeds in October 2016, is an enterprise which gives beer lovers the chance to go behind the scenes of Yorkshire’s top breweries and sample some of the best beer in the county.’ Now whilst it would have been churlish of me to suggest the word [...]

#twissup #4 #york

Following on the heels of Sheffield, Burton & Manchester/Huddersfield in 2010, the first #twissup of 2011 was scheduled for the last weekend in February. The only problem was where to go, so a first-past-the-post ballot was initiated and we waited patiently for the results….. York won the vote. Only a few votes ahead of Brighton with Newcastle third. Hardly surprising when you consider that York has 82 (yes, really – 82) pubs within & just outside the city walls that sell beers from Britain’s independent breweries. (I’m not that much of a geek – there was a map in the [...]

Yard Arm,Plymouth

An evening in Plymouth

Spent an evening in Plymouth last Saturday and was pleasantly surprised Started in The Yard Arm (in the 2010 GBG but not the 2011 – such are the vaguaries of CAMRA) Had a great pint of Hunters Crack Shot at 3.8% (£3). A good sold session beer. Then onto The Fishermans Arms (2010 & 2011) where i was tempted by the St Austell Proper Job at 4.5% (£3.10) which is a favourite of mine since tasting it at a Northern beer festival last year. A walk down to the Barbican and into the Dolphin Inn (2010 & 2011) for a pint of [...]