Cask Report 2017-18

The Cask Report 2017/18

Drinking real ale is good for the economy: it’s official Trips to coffee shop or restaurant chains are one thing. But visits to the pub for a glass of real ale with its British ingredients are quite another in terms of helping boost the local and national economy. Every pint ordered gives a lift to the nation’s booming brewing industry, and helps to create jobs and keep local pubs open. So says the newly published Cask Report. It shows that each job in brewing generates 18 jobs in pubs, one in agriculture, one in the supply chain and one in shops. At [...]

Dartmoor Brewery

Dartmoor Brewery unveils major extension

The £400k extension, part-funded by the South West Growth Fund, includes an expansion of production space and a new state-of-the-art boiler system integral to the brewing process. Dartmoor Brewery is projecting a growth curve which will see beer production doubling within the next four years, facilitated by the new extension. The extension increases the floor space of the brewery complex by 40%, and provides additional storage and processing space, ensuring “grain to glass” quality control and beer consistency. The improved infrastructure also ensures on-going compliance with the brewing industry SALSA quality scheme, within which Dartmoor Brewery has recently achieved compliance. Richard [...]

Brewtown Tours

Brewtown Tours

Brewtown Brewery Tours 2017 launch A lot of nice invites land in my inbox and the one from Mark at Brewtown was no exception. ‘I’m getting in touch to tell you about the 2017 launch of Brewtown Brewery Tours, and invite you to enjoy a sample tour with us.’ He continued ‘Brewtown, which launched in York and Leeds in October 2016, is an enterprise which gives beer lovers the chance to go behind the scenes of Yorkshire’s top breweries and sample some of the best beer in the county.’ Now whilst it would have been churlish of me to suggest the word [...]