Enhanced Responsible Drinking Campaign for Racecourses Created

Pace Yourself Plus

Enhanced Responsible Drinking Campaign for Racecourses Created

Alcohol education charity Drinkaware and The Racecourse Association are launching ‘Pace Yourself Plus’

‘Pace Yourself Plus’ is an enhanced version of their successful ‘Pace Yourself’ responsible drinking campaign. It will be in operation at racecourses this year, with a specific focus on some of the sport’s biggest events including the Randox Health Grand National Festival from 12-14 April.

Pace Yourself has been running for five years at all 59 Racecourse Association courses in Great Britain. It is designed to help the six million people who visit a racecourse every year to enjoy the experience, by encouraging people to ‘pace themselves’. Messages about alternating every alcoholic beverage with a soft drink or free tap water, eating during the day and tracking their drinking are communicated via various channels at racecourses, including posters, race day programmes, big screen adverts and POS at the free water stations.

Pace Yourself Plus is an extension of this successful campaign and will include:

  • A rounded training programme for racecourse staff to be accredited as ‘Pace Yourself Crew’, an adaptation of the Drinkaware Crew programme operating in bars and clubs. Training will help equip staff to counter alcohol-related harms, and support customers who may be vulnerable as a result of excessive drinking
  • An e-learning programme for raceday staff to learn the basics of responsible alcohol service in a racecourse environment
  • Updated coach and group booking forms allowing racecourses to better understand where their customers are coming from
  • A new suite of supporting promotional collateral

Additionally, Drinkaware and the Racecourse Association support the Pace Yourself campaign on social media around a number of the larger racing events.

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