Pub is The Hub appeals for donations

Pub is The Hub appeals for donations

Pub is The Hub appeals for donations

Pub is The Hub appeals for donations for Community Services Fund

Pub is The Hub has launched an online donation facility on its website to raise money for its Community Services Fund.

As the organisation does not have any long-term funding – it exists on goodwill and donations from drinks and pub companies, grants from government, the Big Lottery and the Prince’s Countryside Fund and funding from other interested organisations – regular fundraising is a part of everyday life within Pub is The Hub

Pub is the HubFunding, from whichever source goes towards running the organisation and providing independent advice and support for services to pubs and local authorities and it also goes into the Community Services Fund that was established in 2013. This fund exists to provide pubs who wish to broaden their range of services with small grants to help kick-start their projects and is ‘the fund of last resort’ when no other funding exists.

The new online donation link shows a short film about Pub is The Hub and allows individuals or businesses to make personal donations to the organisation.

Simon Theakston, the Chairman of Pub is The Hub said: “As fundraising has to be a constant item on our agenda we wanted to make it easier to make donations to our Community Services Fund – whether it is from someone who has seen the direct benefit of one of our pub schemes to people like Sam Houston who wanted to raise money for a cause that he thought was important.”

If you are interested in making a donation go to

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