Britain’s biggest pub

Great British Beer Festival 2014

Britain’s biggest pub

Over 900 tantalising beers, ciders and perries to try

50,000 thrill seekers expected throught the door

more than 350 British breweries represented at this extravaganza

With headlines like this, it’s no surprise that CAMRA’s Great British Beer Festival claims to be Britain’s biggest pub. As usual on trade day though, the busiest bars seemed to be those selling foreign beer – perhaps those in the trade know something the rest of us don’t?

Three o’clock came and went, the crowd got restless, but eventually Boltmaker brewed by Timothy Taylor ( a previous Runner-up to Champion Beer of Britain in its previous guise as Best Bitter) was crowned Champion Beer of Britain by the legend that is Bruce Dickinson (lead singer of Iron Maiden for those not in the know).

GBBF runs from 12-16 August 2014 and is well worth a visit even if the only British ‘beers’ are real ales and the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain is only selected from real ales and this ‘British’ beer festival has recently only been held in London – I do think that if GBBF was meant to showcase real ale to the widest possible audience rather than make as much money as possible for CAMRA, then it should be moved around the country.

Here are the results of the CAMRA Champion Real Ale Beer of Britain Competition:

Overall winners-

Gold – Timothy Taylors, Boltmaker

Silver – Oakham, Citra

Bronze – Salopian, Darwin’s Origin

Mild category-

Gold – Bank Top, Dark Mild

Silver – Branscombe Vale, Mild

Bronze – Castle Rock, Black Gold

Bitters category-

Gold – Timothy Taylor, Boltmaker

Silver – Mighty Oak, Captain Bob

Joint Bronze – Flowerpots, Flowerpots Bitter & Sambrook’s Wandle Ale

Best Bitters-

Gold – Salopian, Darwin’s Origin

Silver – Red Willow, Directionless

Joint Bronze – Purity, Mad Goose & Langton, Inclined plain bitter

Golden Ales-

Gold – Oakham, Citra

Silver – Hawkshead, Cumbrian Five Hop

Bronze – Salopian, Hop Twister

Strong Bitters-

Gold – Church End, Fallen Angel

Silver – Blue Monkey, Ape Ale

Bronze –Loch Ness, HoppyNESS

Speciality Beers-

Gold – Saltaire, Triple Chocoholic

Silver – Offbeat, Way Out Wheat

Bronze – Peak Ales, Chatsworth Gold

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