Bottling Vitesse Noir

Bottling Vitesse Noir

Is it really two years since I was last at Hardknott Brewery when we brewed the first batch of Vitesse Noir? Unfortunately, scheduling issues prevented me from making the trip up when this (third) batch was brewed but luckily Dave and I synchronised our diaries well enough for me to get there last Wednesday when the bottling run was planned, so i think the ‘brewed in collaboration with aletalk’ still holds good.

Things have really changed since my last visit… Expansion into the unit next door, many more fermenters, more staff and a sparkly new bottling machine all the way from Italy. Maybe bottling the latest batch of Vitesse Noir wasn’t going to be such a hardship…

Vitesse Noir in here

Vitesse Noir in here

Fill these bottles with vitesse noir

One or two bottles











All we had to do was move the beer from this tank into these bottles, using this machine

bottling machine

Vitesse Noir Labels

That's me on them labels

bottles in

Bottles in...

bottle cleaning

Cleaned before filling

bottles out

Bottles full of beer - out











Of course most but not all has been bottled, there are one or two kegs too – if you know where to look. There was a keg at The Leeds International Beer Festival (which tasted fantastic) and tomorrow (9th October 2013) I understand there will be a keg at The Rake in Borough Market (London SE1 9AG) where Dave from Hardknott Brewery and beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones will be hosting a brewer versus writer event to launch both Vitesse Noir and the latest edition of Adrian’s book 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die. More details of which can be found on Dave’s blog.

Thanks again to Dave and Ann for their hospitality.

I do have one more photo from my day at the brewery to share…. but I’m awaiting the word from Dave before i can publish… Oh & if you see me at The Rake tomorrow, say hello.

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