Saturday Kitchen : Beer & Food 26/5/2012

Saturday Kitchen : Beer & Food 26/5/2012

A varied menu on today’s Saturday kitchen, so here are our suggestions for beer to go with each. Of course, if you know better…

Soused mackerel with smoked eel beignets

They say: Cono Sur Viognier Reserva 2009, Chile Widely Available from £8.35
We say: Elland 1872 Porter, 500ml, £2.99 Beer Ritz
Rich, complex and dark with an old port nose, and coffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate

Deep-fried chicken wings al ajillo

They say: Codorníu Selección Raventos Cava, Spain Widely Available from £7.49
We say: Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout, 330ml, Beer Ritz £3.06
Initial sweetness quickly followed by a peppery hop which fades into liquorice and chocolate raisins

Chargrilled t-bone steak with chutney and fig salad

They say: Ramos Reserva 2011, Portugal Majestic from £6.99
We say: Orkney Red MacGregor, 500ml, The Real Ale Store £2.90
A floral and lychee aroma from Cascade hops, with hints of spiciness and toasted malts

Goats’ cheese and courgette en papilotte with spring salad

They say: La Grille Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2011, France Majestic from £6.49
We say: Thornbridge Versa, 500ml, The Real Ale Store £2.95
Tastes are well balanced with clove spiciness, banana and bubblegum

There you have it. If you agree/don’t agree, let us know. If you fancy doing a guest spot and matching beer to the Saturday Kitchen recipes one week, let us know & we’ll get it arranged…


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