BrewDog: 5am Saint v Punk IPA

5am saint v punk ipa

BrewDog: 5am Saint v Punk IPA

I can’t remember ever having a bottle of BrewDog beer! I’ve had the odd Trashy Blonde when I’ve seen it at beer festivals or in the pub and I’ve put some bottles in the prizes we’ve sent out in our search for Britain’s Best Beer but I’ve never sat and had a bottle, at home, for myself.

This is the reason I have chosen two BrewDog beers for this, the first of what may be a series of Brewery Bottle Taste-Offs….

5am saint v punk ipa

5am Saint – described as an ‘iconclastic amber ale’
Punk IPA
– apparently a ‘post modern classic pale ale’

For those reading who might not have heard of BrewDog, it started in 2007 and is now Scotland’s largest independent brewery. Their beers are made from fresh natural ingredients; using no preservative, additives or pasteurization.

Reading from their website: ‘BrewDog makes innovative, progressive and exciting full flavour beers‘… ‘BrewDog is about breaking rules, taking risks, upsetting trends, unsettling institutions but first and foremost, great tasting beers’… We shall see….

5am Saint – abv 5%

5am SaintPoured into the glass 5am Saint appears a great Ruby Red colour with a large, off-white, foamy head. It’s just begging to be tasted.
I had trouble picking up any aroma from this beer, let alone the malty, fruity smell many reviewers find hitting their noses.
A mouthful of beer has an initial malty sweetness followed by a big dose of bitterness. I found it one of those drinks where I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first but, by the end of the glass I would have happily tried another.

Score 3 / 5

5am Saint Rates 3 / 5

Punk IPA – abv 6%

Punk IPAGolden yellow and slightly hazy, with a nice white head in the glass, Punk IPA has a very distinct citrus/berry aroma.For a 6% beer (that’s what the bottle said, although their website still has it as 5.6%), this is extremely drinkable. Very hoppy with a citrus bitterness at the end. If you like ‘bitter’ beers then this will suit you.
I’ll be looking for this beer in cask next time I’m out.

Score 3.5 / 5

Punk IPA Rates 3.5 / 5

For me then, the Punk IPA wins by a nose. Two good beers but where I took a little time to warm to the 5am Saint, the Punk IPA hit the spot from the first sip.
Both good but I still prefer a Trashy Blonde.

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