Free pints to tackle binge drinking among young adults

Free pints to tackle binge drinking among young adults

Alcohol charity Drinkaware is today (1st September) unveiling a £100 million campaign to encourage 18-24 year olds to evaluate their drinking habits and in the long term, change the social acceptability of drunkenness.

In a new approach to tackling alcohol misuse, pubs, bars, phoneboxes, supermarkets and off licences around the country will carry campaign posters, drink mats, stickers and shelf strips presenting tips for smarter drinking. The campaign’s ‘Why let good times go bad?’ logo and strapline will also be featured on 13 million products including neck labels on bottles, cans and multi-packs. Free pints of water from pubs, bars and clubs to encourage young adult drinkers to pace their drinking is one of four creative executions people will see linked with the campaign.

The Campaign for Smarter Drinking is funded by the drinks industry and run in partnership with Government. The biggest ever responsible drinking campaign will present young adults with practical tips to help them curb the ill effects of their drinking: eating a meal; drinking water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks; looking after mates and planning your journey home.

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